G.I. JOE Fans Have Selected An All-New Character to Join The Fight!


If our fans remember the exclusive interview we had with Hasbro about the G.I. JOE fans making their voices heard in the Hasbro Pulse fan vote, where open voting for their favorite new character to join the 2016 G.I. JOE toy lineup.

Hasbro Interview.

Four original fan created characters (Adventure Team Marcus, Cobra Blackjack, Cobra Whisper and Stiletto) who were selected from the 90+ original G.I. JOE stories available at Kindle Worlds. WIth the G.I. Joe fans spleading the word for their choice, and ultimately voting for their favorite to win. The one-week voting campaign garnered thousands votes and really got the fans excited, with chatter in all the G.I. Joe fan boards.


Thanks to Amazon.com and their amazing Kindle Worlds program, and especially to the four authors whose unique characters sparked such a great contest for all fans to enjoy. If you haven’t had a chance yet, follow this LINK to learn more about the Hasbro contest and the four finalists.


WINNER: Stiletto, from Bill Nedrow’s “G.I. JOE: Body Count”


Kindle Words: Staletto

Every character received notable support, but the winner is Stiletto, from Bill Nedrow’s third Kindle Worlds novel – G.I. JOE: Body Count. The opportunity to write a character into G.I. JOE lore meant a lot to Bill,

“It’s incredibly gratifying to know that I’ve made a small contribution to such a storied and beloved franchise. As I encouraged people to vote for Stiletto, I struggled to articulate how important this opportunity was for me. I hope that the G.I. JOE community will understand the excitement I’m feeling at knowing that my character will hold a place in their collections.”

The design and development team at Hasbro is already hard at work, working on Stiletto’s debut figure, which will arrive as part of the 2016 G.I. JOE toy lineup. Thanks again to Jim Beard, Justin Bell, Bill Nedrow, Troy Osgood, all the amazing authors who have contributed G.I. JOE stories to Kindle Worlds and thanks to Hasbro Inc. Mark Weber for running such a fantastic contest!

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