George A. Romero May Give the Walking Dead a Run For Their Money With his own TV Series on AMC!

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It seems that the two big things on TV these days are either superheroes or zombies and the superheroes are outnumbering the zombies.

George A. Romero plans to even the odds a little with a small screen adaption of his graphic novel Empire of the Dead. for AMC.

Romero is the godfather of the zombie apocalypse. He gave us Night of the Living Dead in 1968 and zombies have been an entertainment focus ever since. Arthur Suydam is the “King of Zombie” comics art since his amazingly talented painting skills brought Marvel Zombies to the land of the dead with his fantastic covers. Alex Maleev is talent unmatched when it comes to bringing comics to the dark and creepy corner of the world. Alex’s hit run on Marvel’s Daredevil is a prime example of that talent. Empire of Dead has been a smash hit comic for Romero, Alex and Arthur.

The production company Demarest announced at the Cannes film festival that they plan to back this venture that will be written by Romero and his partner Peter Grunwald. The production crew is even lined up to include Romero, Grunwald, Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson. The only things missing are a script and actors.

The series aims to give us more of what we want in a post-zombie world. It focuses on New York City several years after a zombie plague and once things have started to settle into a routine. Manhattan has been quarantined and is considered a safe zone, but how safe is it really? With the influx of zombies, another ancient foe has arisen and vampires have been forced out of hiding. Now you have vampires against zombies, but where do the humans stand in all this?

An interesting concept that can never be played out in local television or on prime time. But now that it’s on AMC and going up with the likes of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, is there enough zombie love to go around?

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