Get to Know the Characters in Suicide Squad! #SuicideSquad

The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad

DC Comics and Warner Brothers Studios look to have a hit film in their future.  Suicide Squad, currently in production, has been showing up nearly daily in news feeds and websites.  The great ensemble of cast members, photos on location from the set, and the various tidbits and nuggets of info we receive on any given day just shows how confident they are in the film and the push they are making to spread the word on this movie.

I wanted to take some time and give a little background on the characters.  Find out how came to be, their comic book origins, and get you up to speed on their bios.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn debuted in the Batman: The Animated Series prior to appearing in the comics. One year after making her presence known in the cartoon, Harley was featured in The Batman Adventures #12 and continued to be prevalent in many series to come.  Born Harleen Quinzell, Harley was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum prison.  This is where she was introduced to the Joker and when she become fascinated and obsessed with him.  She eventually became his accomplice and sidekick, all while being deeply infatuated with the criminal mastermind.  She has also become very tight with villain Poison Ivy and spent time working alongside Catwoman.  She has appeared with the Suicide Squad, the Secret Six, Ivy and Catwoman (in Gotham City Sirens) and the Secret Society of Super Villains.  Harley’s abilities include:

  • Immunity to most poisons and toxins due to Poison Ivy’s injections
  • Trained in the field of psychiatry
  • Talented gymnast
  • Metahuman agility
  • Enhanced strength
  • High intelligence
  • High martial arts skills
  • Total disregard for human life (apart from Joker & Poison Ivy)
Joel Kinneman as Rick Flag
Joel Kinneman as Rick Flag Jr.

Rick Flag Jr. is the son of Rick Flag, who established Task Force X, of which the Suicide Squad was born. He made his first appearance in Brave & the Bold #25 (1959).  Rick was approached by Amanda Waller, a government agent, to head up a team of criminals working in return for amnesty.  Though reluctant to work alongside a group of supervillains, Flag assumed the role of leader of the group.  Rick’s abilities include:

  • Expert in military, Special Forces, guerrilla tactics, strategy, and demolitions
  • Highly trained in both armed and unarmed combat
  • Stealth, surveillance, and infiltration expert
  • Peak of human physical condition


Karen Fukuhara as Katana
Karen Fukuhara as Katana

Originally created to be a member of the Outsiders, Katana has spent time throughout the DC Universe.  Katana made her first appearance in Brave & the Bold #200 (1983).  In addition to being a member of the Suicide Squad, she has also been affiliated with the Outsiders, Birds of Prey, and the Justice League.  Proficient in the martial arts and trained as a samurai, Katana has fought alongside some of the industry’s greats: Batman, Phantom Stranger, Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Black Canary, Nightwing, Barbara Gordon (Oracle), and Green Arrow.  Katana’s abilities include:

  • Superb martial artist
  • Fully trained samurai warrior
  • Soultaker sword grants: Ability to capture the soul of every being it kills and communicate with that soul, including that of her deceased husband


Cara Delevinge as Enchantress
Cara Delevinge as Enchantress

The Enchantress has spent time as a superhero AND a supervillain.  First appearing in Strange Adventures #187 (1966),  June Moone came across a secret chamber while attending a party.  Inside, she finds a mysterious magical entity (later revealed as Dzamor) who empowers her to fight an evil presence in the castle where the party is held.  Later she faces Supergirl which evokes the villain side of her.  June’s blond hair gives way to the black hair, costumed foe once she speaks the words, “The Enchantress.”  She gets recruited by the Suicide Squad under the condition she can keep her evil side in check.  Enchantress has been associated with Shadowpact, Sentinels of Magic, Forgotten Villains, Justice League Dark, and of course the Suicide Squad.  The Enchantress’ abilities include:

  • Knowledge and ability to wield various types of magical spells.


Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang
Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang

George “Digger” Harkness, a.k.a. Captain Boomerang, came onto the scene in Flash #117 (1960).  Raised in Australia, Harkness developed the skill of creating boomerangs to use as weapons.  He made boomerangs that could explode, have razor-sharp edges, some that are electrified, and some which were incendiary.  Boomerang has been affiliated with such groups as the Rogues, the Outsiders, the Society, the Suicide Squad, and was even a member of the Black Lantern Corps when he was resurrected by Black Hand in the Blackest Night storyline.  His abilities include:

  • Uses a wide variety of gimmicked boomerangs


Adam Beach as Slipknot (unconfirmed)
Adam Beach as Slipknot (unconfirmed)

Christopher Weiss worked for a chemical company where he developed a formula to create durable ropes.  He first appeared in Fury of Firestorm #28 (1984) where he put those ropes to the test as the now villain Slipknot.  He has aligned himself with not only the Suicide Squad, but also Kobra and the 2000 Committee.  Slipknot’s abilities include:

  • Mastery of Ropes
  • Assassin Training
Jay Hernandez as El Diablo
Jay Hernandez as El Diablo

Chato Santana first appeared in El Diablo volume 3, issue #1.  He is the third adaptation of the character.  After buring down a building, which Santana later learns there were women and children trapped inside, the criminal turns himself in to police and finds himself a cozy cell in Belle Reve Penitentiary.  While spending time on death row, he received an implant of a micro-bomb and was tortured.  Upon his surviving the suffering which he had endured, El Diablo was drafted into the Suicide Squad.  His abilities include:

  • Olympic level boxer and athlete
  • Pyrokinesis (unsure if this ability will be seen in the film)


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc

Killer Croc (real name Waylon Jones) was first seen in Batman #357 (1983).  Croc had a desire to be the kingpin of crime in Gotham and would snipe anyone who would be competition in him attaining his goal.  His gigantic physique and his reptilian loo made him an intimidating opponent.  Killer Croc has been a member of the Secret Society of Super Villans, and now the Suicide Squad.  Killer Croc’s abilities include:

  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, durability, and senses
  • Expert swimmer
  • Expert Marksman
  • Hardened scale-like skin
  • Razor-sharp claws and teeth
  • Immunity to toxins
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Experienced alligator wrestler
Will Smith and his character in Suicide Squad, Deadshot
Will Smith and his character in Suicide Squad, Deadshot

Floyd Lawton was an assassin for hire who claimed he could never miss a shot.  First appearing in Batman #59 (1950), Deadshot has an unusual defining trait about him… he doesn’t care if he dies.  His lack of feelings regarding his possible death makes him out to be a scary and unpredictable individual.  He has teamed up with the Secret Six, Killer Elite, Underground Society, Checkmate, and the Suicide Squad.  Deadshot’s abilities include:

  • Expert marksman
  • Peak accuracy
  • Proficient in hand-to-hand combat
  • Weapons specialist, primarily his sniper rifle and swords
  • Bilingual (Russian)


Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

First appearing in Legends #1 (1986), Dr. Amanda Waller plays an integral role in the team (and the film).  She is credited with forming this group of misfits after seeing the first two Suicide Squad incantations and improving on them.  It was actually the White House the agreed to the Squad’s creation and the placing of Dr. Waller in charge to oversee the operations.  Waller has associated herself with the Society, the U.S. Government, Checkmate, and most notably A.R.G.U.S.  Her abilities include:

  • Highly trained in logistics, strategic management, military tactics, game theory, and espionage.
  • She is a great martial artist


Jared Leto as the Joker
Jared Leto as the Joker

One of the oldest and most psychotic villains in the existence of comic books, the Joker has been a thorn in the sides of countless heroes and villains alike in the DC Universe.  First appearing in Batman #1 (1940), he is the archenemy to Batman.  This sadistic criminal mastermind has killed Jason Todd (the 2nd Robin after Dick Grayson) and paralyzed the commissioner’s daughter, Barbara Gordon (who became the Oracle).  The Joker, though not an actual member of the Suicide Squad, has teamed up with a couple of groups: The Injustice Gang and the Injustice League.  The Joker’s abilites include:

  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Expert chemist and engineer
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat

Are you ready for the Suicide Squad?  The film hits theaters on August 5th, 2016.

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