Get your Geeky Freak on With These out of the World Sci-Fi Sex Toys!

***Warning*** Adult Content Ahead

adult content

Ice cream comes in a multitude of flavors, some people like to stick with the standard flavors while others like to mix it up a little. For some adventurous is throwing in a handful of nuts or mixing their flavors, others go a little more adventurous and walk on the wild side with Chocolate Covered Cicada Ice Cream.

The same reasoning applies to the bedroom activities, whether you lean towards adding a few nuts or going for the whole bug there are a few interesting ways to get your geeky freak on.

Just remember this is not office safe viewing, and you probably don’t want junior looking over your shoulder to tell you they want one.

***Warning*** Adult Content Ahead ***Warning***

Little Death steampunk gun

steampunk little death rayThis is very cool looking, and functional, it can be the date you take home from the steampunk con.

The Dark Invader Dildo

vader dildoNot really dark, but it gives “I am your father” a whole new meaning.

Lightsaber flogger

star wars flogger 1Definitely not your fathers saber.

Cutie mark paddles

cutie mark paddlesFor all the Pony fans out there, you (or your partner) can now get your own cutie marks

or if you Really like your ponies you could find this somewhere rainbow dash Latex storm trooper

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WI think there are plenty that will let her hold them for questioning, and anything else she wants. Check out a few of her other outfits such as the Predator.


hulkNot much to say here, except that it scares me, probably more than a lot of the other things I saw while researching this article.