Get Your Own 3D Model of the Dredd Lawgiver

LawgiverCalling all my fellow Dredd Heads.

As you know Planet Replica is the place to go for any licensed material related to 2000AD. If you want to create a comic-based Judge then they have everything you need from leathers to weaponry, they have you covered. They offer full kits for both male and female.

To show their appreciation for their fans, Planet Replicas is giving us all a gift. Access to 3D print files of a movie accurate Dredd Lawgiver, for the fraction of the cost of a built one. So if you or a friend has access to a 3D printer you might want to head over and download a copy of the files before they disappear.

This is apparently an experiment and is the first 3D model they have released. They have plans to release other 3D print file models as time progresses.

Now if I am really lucky they will release an MKI model next, then I just have to make friends with a someone who has a printer.

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