Heavy Metal Magazine to be Revitalized by Grant Morrison!

heavy metalIf you are a fan of alternative edgy comics then you probably are familiar with Heavy Metal and I’m not talking about the 1981 Canadian Sci-Fi Anthology.

Earlier this week they announced that Grant Morrison (JLA, Batman) the man that has retouched classic characters into now instant classic stories, will become their new editor-in-chief as of February. This is great news for the magazine as he will be more than just a mere figurehead, he will be actively participating in the revitalization of the production to Heavy Metal Magazine’s newer stronger comic based content.heavy metal1

Who better to help bring the comic back into the mainstream than one who has ridden and made a successful career out of the edgy punk artistry and style. Once he assumes the chair he hopes to bring other successful writers and artists back into the fold.

Last year Kevin Eastman (co-creator of TMNT) sold the magazine Heavy Metal to film producer Jeff Krelitz and music executive David Boxenbaum who have plans to branch the magazine brand into movies and music.

The movie line apparently going through as they have just confirmed that they have purchased the movie rights to Image Comics Sci-fi comic Roche Limit created by Michael Moreci.roche limitIt’s nice to see this iconic magazine get a new least on life.heavy metal2