Heroes Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo

100_6955 (484x600)It seems that every weekend is full of various excuses to dress up and enjoy a comic convention, this weekend was no exception. This last weekend was the first Heroes Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo. It was held at the Joliet Historical Museum in Joliet, Illinois.

Unfortunately I only made it there on Sunday so I missed a lot of the cosplayers and cool costumes.

It was a small, but awesome con. What makes this stand out was the fact that it was held at the Joliet Historical Museum, so not only did you get a convention you also got to explore a very awesome museum that is full of interesting stuff.

They had a villain scavenger hunt, my son loved, that got you entered into a raffle for some great prizes. They also had some great local artists.

The works by Twin Artists Catherine and Sarah Satrun is adorable

And the rest of the artists and vendors were fantastic in their own rights, I only wish I could afford to pick up more prints and had room to put them.

They even had a gaming room that was mostly HeroClix and panels