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Hollow Girl #1 (MR)

Written by: Luke Cooper
Art and Cover by: Luke Cooper

Let’s start off with a bit of back story for Hollow Girl. A comic created and illustrated by Luke Cooper, who was almost at his last straw of trying to break this story into publishing. After getting rejected over and over again, Luke reached out to Insane Comics and James C. Munch took that chance on this very risky story. A gritty look at the ugly realities of the world and a girl with no soul who is wearing an emotionless mask, takes to the streets in the name of her brand of vengeance. Finally, Luke Cooper, is getting that opportunity to showcase his hard work in Hollow Girl, to the world. That’s where today we find myself reviewing this underground independent comic book.


Let me just say, what a GEM that Hollow Girl has turned out to be!

Deeply layered in a troubling and complex story of a girl named Kat, who does the unthinkable crime of butchering her parents. With not a single sign of remorse or feeling, she is then contacted by spirits filled with vengeance. This newly dubbed “Hollow Girl” must take to the streets to help guide these lost troubled spirits by seeking their revenge from the monsters who destroyed their lives.

Hollow Girl is an agent of the dead, she cannot control her actions as she has been dedicated to the life of avenging the ones who have lost their way. She’s already dead, she’s no one. In any shape or form – she will get her job done as gruesome as it my turn out.

Hollow Girl is for the mature readers. It is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. It is an updated hard look at comic book violence with rich characters and plots that reminded me so much of Sin City and The Crow movies. Dark, gritty, creepy and totally unapologetic. Hollow Girl is a fantastic piece of a brilliant mixture of simplistic art with fantastic lighting effects and a deep tale filled with the harsh complexity of real life. This is a MUST READ BOOK, I loved it!!

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PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars ***


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Official Synopsis
I Am No One. Six years ago, little Katherine Harlow killed her own parents. Showing no signs of remorse or regret, she was said to be a girl without a soul. Now, dressed in black except for an expressionless white mask, Kat kills for the dead – a willing vessel for the souls of the wrongfully killed that call out for vengeance. But how did an apparently soulless child become a brutal vigilante? And are the voices that she hears really those of the dead or are they merely symptoms of a dangerous, all-consuming psychosis?

* Crime
* Drama
* Mystery
* Superhero
About Book
Page Count: 59 Pages
Digital Release Date: January 13 2016
Age Rating: 17+ Only



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