Honest Reviews by: “Comic Book Historian” – DC Comics; Superman #45


Too Early for this shit (A morning rant) It’s a week late, I know but some things never grow old. DC has tainted an icon in one of the worst ways. Love him or hate him, Superman has an air about him which adds to his demeanor and personality and when one veers so far off course it becomes noticeable.

Superman #45
Superman… is down in Oakland but it sure feels like Mexico… no lie… fighting metahuman Lucha Libre wrestlers for money and Tacos… seriously no lie! MONEY & TACOS… and apparently Big Blue is cheap, he’ll fight in the ring for 500 dollars USD! They even gave him a cape!

I guess when you dump a hot amazon Demi-Goddess… you… go to Oakland and fight… metahuman wrestlers… I dunno…

In all seriousness this happened last week. However the utter stupidity of it never gets old. The thing is, this happened and it’s never going to be forgotten. I know Pre-Crisis is full of embarrassing shit from DC but this is 2015 not 1962… stories and writers are supposed to have their shit together. This will forever be remembered in hardback coffee table books across the globe in 20-30 years.

These characters are being whittled away to a point where you don’t even recognize them anymore. Even for the sake of for something different or new doesn’t change the depth of stupidity. Even John Romita Jr. has distanced himself from this book and character. If you follow other creators on Facebook and Twitter you’ll see even some of the bigger names question the choices made by DC’s Editorial Teams.

Superman #45 preview pages: