Hot Topics and Marvel Team-Up to Give Us Sexy Female Superhero Wear!


Marvel is definitely doing something wrong. Everywhere you look you can find Avengers merchandise, you can still find Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise, but what both franchises are missing are the women. Both movies have very strong female characters, but the merchandise for Gamora, Black Widow or even Nebula are missing. People have been screaming about it for months, even Mark Ruffalo, who plays the hulk questioned the lack of Black Widow and Scarlet Witch merchandise.


Well unfortunately they apparently did not forget about the women. Instead of marketing equally to the sexes across the board, Marvel teamed up with Hot Topic and their ‘Her Universe‘ clothing line to produce a line of clothing based around the Marvel’s Avengers.

The Marvel Universe collection features dresses inspired by Thor, Loki, Captain America and Black Widow. There are also Black Widow and Iron Man jackets, all of which will be available May 12th.

I have nothing against the clothing, in fact I like some of it, but why does it have to be sexy? Why can’t we have strong women without sexing them up. A strong woman is sexy in her own right.

And why has Black Widow been relegated to just a few pieces in this line and where is Scarlet Witch?

As a woman, I have nothing against sexy clothes, but also as a woman I am sick of seeing women constantly shoved to the background when they have a right to be in the front line.

If a woman is strong, powerful and required for the story then promote her; if she is not an essential part of the story then don’t bother promoting her. Black Widow and Gamora were strong characters that are essential for their storylines and should have been promoted as strongly as their male counterparts.