Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s “Friday” will play in theaters on 4-20 for the classic movies 20th Anniversary!

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s “Friday” will play in theaters on 4-20!!

Who could ever forget the cult classic stoner movie ‘Friday’? Well if you’re a stoner you might have forgotten a little…..but for those die-hard fans who memorized every single line of the movie, we could never forget! The original Craig and Smokie tale is coming back to theaters for the first time in 20 years with a very special one day only April 20th showing of “Friday” in select cinemas.


Rip your bongs, blunts, one hitters……whatever! It’s ‘Friday’ the movie, you ain’t got nothing to do……….Smokie is going to get you HIGH today!!

“Friday”: The low-budget comedy movie ended up becoming such a stoner cult classic smash hit that  launched two mega-stars’ movie carriers into basically household names. Ice Cube who came up from the streets of L.A. was one of the original members of the rap group N.W.A.. After leaving the group in not so well terms, Cube would re-launch his rap career along with hit the big screen in his debut movie “Boys in the Hood”. “Friday” would be Cube’s first try at comedy but would not be his last as Ice Cube ended up pulling off the role masterfully with the help of very funny man Chris Tucker. Thus trusting Ice Cube into a whole new genera of comedy and even family comedies.


Chris Tucker made his standout first movie appearance in the movie “Friday”! After ‘Friday’ Chris Tucker has never looked back (literally since he would not sign up for a sequel for years) by starring in a string of blockbuster hits in “The Fifth Element” and the “Rush Hour” series.

Reports have come out last few years that Cube and Tucker have reached an agreement for a reunion Friday movie. I have not seen anything that makes me think this will still happen or will be official anytime soon, other than this picture the two actors took with Cube declaring “Last Friday” was coming.

“Friday” will play in select theaters on April, 20th 2015.

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