Is This Our First Look at Spider-Man’s Costume in ”Captain America: Civil War?”

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Back in late 2014, fans all over the globe reacted with (largely) unanimous rejoice when Kevin Feige – the president of Marvel Studios – officially announced the sequel to the Russo brothers’ critically-acclaimed Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Although the primary source material for the upcoming movie (the line-wide ”Civil War” crossover event that ran from 2006-2007) has been met with a fair amount of negative reception since its release, an adaptation of the limited series simply wouldn’t be the same without a certain major player in the story: Spider-Man.

Fast-forward to February 2015, and Spider-Man has now been integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or Earth-199999, as universe designation buffs would call it) continuity, with the Web-Head set to make his debut appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Although Tom Holland’s casting as the iconic superhero was reported four months after Spider-Man’s induction into the MCU, we’ve all been waiting with bated breath to get a glimpse of his costume in the movie since then. The Russos have been dropping subtle hints every so often, but we haven’t seen anything substantial… Until now!



Here it is, folks; this could quite possibly be our first official look at the Spider-Man costume in Civil War. Right away, you can already see that it’s a huge departure from the more refined 616-esque costume from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If that incredibly prominent spider-symbol didn’t already give it away, it’s evident that they’re going for a look more reminiscent of the Earth-1610 ”Ultimate” Spider-Man, which was also an attempt at modernizing Spidey for a new millennium. Given how young Tom Holland is, that seems pretty apt.

On the topic of refinement (or a lack thereof), the webbing on the ”suit” is extremely haphazard. The only other time we’ve seen webbing like that was on the costume featured in the 2011 video game ”Spider-Man: Edge of Time.” Ever since Spider-Man first graced the silver screen in 2002’s ”Spider-Man,” moviegoers have been wondering how a regular teenager like Peter Parker could possibly afford to craft a costume like that so meticulously. As any cosplayer would tell you, even a decent-looking Spidey costume could set you back a few hundred dollars! Hopefully, this costume should set the sceptics out there straight! In my own opinion, I think this suit is certainly shaping up to
be way more believable than its cinematic predecessors.

Finally, let’s talk about the blue sections on the suit, because you can’t have a classic costume without them! Although the blue on the torso isn’t too different from anything we’ve seen before, the arm sections have been slightly extended. Whether that’s just an aesthetic decision or something that actually serves as a practicality of some sort is yet to be seen, but you can’t deny that they look freaking awesome!
To anyone getting alarmed by the absence of a (puffy) red back spider, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. Even if this is what the Civil War costume is going to look like, they’ve clearly skipped out on many components (i.e. the legs and the mask!)

In summary, these photos are nothing short of promising! As we’ve seen, the costume designers have done the likes of Black Panther and Crossbones justice, and from the looks of it, they’re set to deliver yet again with our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler!

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Captain America: Civil War” is set to open in cinemas worldwide May 6, 2016.

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