How Jared Leto is getting ready to become Suicide Squad’s – Joker!!

Photoshopped image of Leto’s Joker hair!

If the photoshopped image above does not get you a bit excited, then your heart must be as cold as the clown prince of crime himself……The Joker!!


The image posted by Jared Leto’s hair stylist is a photoshopped image preview of his own vision of Jared’s look for the Suicide Squad movie. So just to be clear, the above image at the top is NOT official and has subsequently already been taken down by the hair stylist himself. But the buzz has already been created and my mind can only think of one version of the Joker and Suicide Squad that will most likely be used for this DC Cinematic Universe film. That of course is the DC New 52 current storyline of comic books on shelves now.

The actual un-photoshopped image taken with Solange Knowles during the Leto blonde hair reveal.

More frenzy began as Jared Leto revealed his new blonde short hair in public and on his Instagram account. Then a day later, he released another photo of himself with his eyebrows complete shaven off! It is good to see Leto is willing to go to the extremes to bring the crazy side of Joker to life.

No eyebrows!
No eyebrows Leto!

What is the DC New 52?

If you are not familiar with the DC New 52 universe, then I can just simply sum it up by saying this: New 52 is just DC Comics new version of their classic characters origins and storylines flipped upside down in a completely different modern twist. Everything you knew about your classic DC characters – just toss it out the window here!! I highly suggest NOT comparing Jared Leto’s version of Joker or any part of Suicide Squad the movie to classic DC tales or movies. If you want to get a preview of what you’re getting into with SS The Movie, I suggest reading New 52 trade paperbacks of Suicide Squad and The NEW Suicide Squad both featuring Harley Quinn in the deadly ranks.  I reccomend that you read the best selling Batman series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo during the Death of a Family storyline. Also I must highly recommend watching the new DC animated movie Batman: Suicide Squad Assault on Arkham. Assault on Arkham is in my opinion, the best way to compare what Suicide Squad the live action movie will follow.

New 52 Suicide Squad comic books the movie will most likely be based on
Suicide Squad Comic and Animated movie New 52 storylines

Jared Leto….wants to be the best Joker ever!

According to recent reports, Leto is very much looking forward to doing his very own interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime and will stay clear of Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson’s Joker.


From those people around Leto who have already leaked a few insights on what the Academy Award winning actor is already thinking, here’s what Popculthq has been able to find out… As a source told HollywoodLife, Leto wants to make his version of Joker the best ever!

“He wants to make the character completely his own,”

“He knows that this role may be his most difficult ever, but he is confident that he will make his version of the Joker the best.”

Leto’s Joker will be “cerebral” and “comedic”

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Leto’s very own description of his time playing The Joker is disturbing to say the least.

I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and I couldn’t imagine doing it another way. It was fun, playing those psychological games. But at the same time it was very painful, like giving birth out of my prick hole. – Jarad Leto 

Descriptions of Leto ALWAYS being in character have been confirmed by many of his cast mates like Will Smith. Several of Leto’s co-stars have revealed the method-actors absolute dedication to the role was at time creepy. Leto remained in character outside of filming as well, even going so far as to call co-star Jim Parrack and give him random orders throughout the day. Sending gifts to cast members like a rat to his Harley Quinn co-star in real life! Leto says there were periods of “detachment” during filming of Suicide Squad, implying that he may have lost himself in the role to some extent.

I personally don’t like to compare any of the past Jokers from the many great live action and animated versions of the Clown Prince. Just like comic book writers and artists do in their story arcs, each creative team likes to make their own interpretations of classic characters or else the consumer will just get repetitiveness. New and different is always good in my book and even if Leto’s Joker is not as good as Heath’s (who could ever be?!) or even 1966’s Batman TV show Joker (Cesar Romero) version……it will at least be his very own.


Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th, 2016. Suicide Squad official trailer


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