Journey Back in Time with Nintendo Power

Back in the early days of gaming, we didn’t have thousands of websites and videos that told us where to find special weapons or how to kill the boss monster. We had to struggle to figure it out. Then in July 1988, we given the power to find the secret rooms… we were given Nintendo Power, a bi-monthly magazine that spotlighted game strategy, reviews, tips and tricks.

nintendo powerThe first issue focused on the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2 and sold several million copies. From there, each issue went on to explore new games, teaching you how to defeat the bosses, find the secret rooms, or get the uber-weapon.

nintendo power1
Now, thanks to the power of Internet and, you can read the first 145 issues (1988-2001) online for free. For us old folks, it’s a trip down memory lane, for everyone else it’s probably like looking at a museum. This is stuff you’ve heard about and maybe you’ve even played some of it on a simulator or a new retro unit. If nothing else, you can get a laugh at some of the old Nintendo ads such as the Nintendo Glove.