Kevin Smith “Mallbrats” Cast is Growing and Growing! #Mallrats 2 Sequel!

Joey Lauren Adams

Some of the biggest news from the Kevin Smith camp in quite some time is the announcement that he was in the process of casting Marllrats 2. One of Kevin’s first and most beloved of his cult classic films is coming back with a sequel tentatively named “Mallbrats”. Not only did Kevin Smith drop the big news of the sequel to the social media world, he did in style as he brought out some of his famous friends and fellow co-stars from “Mallrats” to give everyone the fingers….yes, I said ‘the fingers!’ As you will see this will be Kevin’s running theme as more and more  casting announcements have been made.

mallrats 2 gives the finger

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker and Kevin Smith himself toss-up the deuces for the official signaling of “Mallrats 2” the movie!!

Then came news from Kevin Smith once again on social media of another casting when Shannen Doherty would be reprising her role of ‘Rene’! Also, Smith hinted at the time of there being at least six more actors from the original movie signed to the project with six more to go! Who could Kevin be talking about? Jeremy London, Ben Affleck, Claire Forlani?

Shannen Doherty will be reprising her role of ‘Rene’ from Mallrats

Kevin Smith, who was collecting past “Mallrats” actors like 2000’s kids collected Pokemon cards! Smith went on and confirmed TWO more actors to the reunion movie list. Jeremy London who was the lead heart-throb T. S. Quint of the first 1995 movie will return along with Ethan Suplee. Suplee you’ll recall was the annoyed patron who could not see the hidden sail boat picture.

Jeremy London returns
Jeremy London and Ethan Suplee will return to Mallrats!
Joey Lauren Adams
Joey Lauren Adams is tossing up the Mallrats Deuces

One of the best news from the new casting was when “Chasing Amy” star Joey Lauren Adams would also join the “Mallbrats” ranks. Now with Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Shannen Doherty, Jason Lee, Stan Lee and Michael Rooker that makes quite an impressive list of actors Kevin has set his eyes out for his cult classic sequel and the list was not even close to being done yet. As Mr. Smith has almost finished his Mallrats trading cards collection list here is a rundown of even more Hollywood stars chomping at the bit to come back to be part of the new “Mallbrats” movie. Only hold-out so far is Ben Affleck and we all know how he feels about doing the “pay back movie for a friend” (“Dogma” reference). Ben is so busy being Batman so it will be very difficult for Smith to get him back for this sequel, but if anyone can do it, it will be Kevin Smith who has gotten Affleck to do even worse. It’s going to be a hell of a ride as the gang of TS Quint, Brodie, Rene, Shannon, Brandie, Gwen, Jay and Silent Bob will raise hell once more in that place we all gather to commiserate…..the mall!! And what mall gets the honor of being in the film? The Exton Square Mall will be the site of the Mallbrats filming location as Kevin Smith as announced.


We found our MALL, y’all! This January, the @extonsquaremall in Exton, PA will star in ‪#‎Mallrats‬ 2! @jayandsilentbob are coming to Chester County! Big thanks to financiers StarStream, who found the mall & the money! They’re making this ‪#‎MR2‬ dream come true! – Kevin Smith

Who else is getting super excited?!

Brian O' Halloran
Brian O’ Halloran
The Mall Cop we All Love to Hate (LaFours)
Renee Humphrey
Renee Humphrey
Claire Forlani returning as
Claire Forlani returning as “Brandi”
Mallrats Jay and Silent bob
Mallrats Jay and Silent bob

Mallrats Offical Trailer (1995)

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