Kickstarter Takes a Chance and Rolls a D20 on a Dungeons and Dragons Bar


The Daily Dot picked up on some cool news about a recent Kickstarter campaign.  In Fort Collins, Colorado, Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts used the crowd-funding site to successfully raise enough money to build up what could be every old school geek’s dream.  That’s right — a D&D themed bar.

With the help of those all around the internet, the Garzas’ campaign did not only reach, but surpassed her initial goal raising over $57,000.  The tavern, being dubbed Dungeons and Drafts, was originally reaching for a $9,600 goal and it did not have a hard time meeting it within the first six and a half hours the Kickstarter went live.

The description even makes the idea sound more enticing,

“For too long geeks have had to endure noisy sports bars and venues without readily accessible polyhedral dice just to have a drink with friends. Well, no more!  Dungeons & Drafts is here to provide geeks from all walks of life with a welcoming place to call their own, kick back with a pint, and play a game with friends.”

Backers that supported the campaign are promised to receive rewards ranging from signed copies of the opening day menu or plaques at the bar.  There were even rewards for those who backed a certain amount to get their own private party.

The campaign to raise funds is over, but if you’re still interested in seeing the Dungeon and Drafts Kickstarter page, you can check it out here.