Last Night on CONAN – 1/15/18: Allison Janney | Pete Holmes | Daniel Sloss

Conan 1.16.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, January 15th, Conan welcomed Allison Janney,
Pete Holmes, and comedian Daniel Sloss.

Conan: Last Time I Was On TV, I Had To Get Permission To Say The Word “Shithole”:

Conan jokes about Trump and other extremists on Twitter.

Why Conan Just Planned A Last-Minute Trip To Haiti:

Conan is heading to Haiti later this week because
typically when Trump hates something, Conan loves it.

Conan Is Still Workshopping New Set Entrances:

New year, new set, new entrance featuring…
Conan dressed as a Catholic archbishop?

Conan & Andy Show Off The New Set:

Behind Conan’s desk is a lot that could be the Warner Brothers lot,
but for legal reasons, is not an exact replica of the Warner Brothers lot.

Allison Janney On Winning A Golden Globe & Being Starstruck By Oprah:

Allison Janney was thrilled to win the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and even more thrilled that Oprah wasn’t in her seat when she gave her acceptance speech.

Allison Janney: Tonya Harding Was Mad That Oprah Didn’t Recognize Her:

The inspiration for “I, Tonya” was miffed when Oprah
didn’t immediately recognize her at the Golden Globes.

Allison Janney’s Golden Globes Dance Off With Al Roker:

Allison Janney could have danced to Poison all night with Al Roker.

Allison Janney Auditioned Three Birds For “I, Tonya”:

Allison Janney met with a few birds for the role,
but only one had the right temperament and professionalism.

Pete Holmes Is Always Late To The Party:

Pete Holmes thinks life is like arriving 20 minutes too late to a party,
after all the social circles have already formed.

Pete Holmes Loves His Wife And Also Pizza:

Now that he’s married, Pete Holmes really has to be on the lookout for “love transfers.”

Pete Holmes On Last Acceptable Kind Of Racism:

Pete doesn’t understand why it’s still completely fine to be racist towards Italians.

Daniel Sloss On The Difference Between Violence In The US & UK:

Daniel thinks violence in the UK is a bit more stabby and therefore a bit more honest.


On Tuesday, January 16th, Conan welcomes Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson,
Rebecca Romijn, and musical guest Dashboard Confessional

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