Last Night on CONAN – 1/23/18: Kathy Bates | Louie Anderson | Tune-Yards

Conan 1.23.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, January 23rd, Conan welcomed
Kathy Bates, Louie Anderson, and musical guest Tune-Yards.

Conan: Meryl Streep’s Oscars Nomination Is The First Sign Of Spring:

Conan jokes about the Oscars, the Trumps, and Kevin Spacey.

#ConanHaiti Preview: Conan Goes To Elementary School:

Conan fits right in with the kids from Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in Port-au-Prince.
#ConanHaiti premieres Saturday, January 27th at 10/9c on TBS.

The 2018 CONAN Audiencey Awards:

The only award Meryl Streep wasn’t nominated for this year was an Audiencey.

Kathy Bates: “You Don’t Have To Get Whacked” On Weed:

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in California,
Kathy Bates has some advice on partaking responsibly.

Kathy Bates Went On Snoop Dogg’s Talk Show:

Kathy Bates shared a stage and some smoke with Snoop Dogg.

Kathy Bates Teaches Conan How To Act Stoned:

Kathy Bates’ secret to acting stoned on “Disjointed” is to laugh so hard she can’t speak.

Kathy Bates Used To Live With Frances McDormand & The Coen Brothers:

When she first moved to Los Angeles, Kathy Bates shared a house with
Frances McDormand, the Coen Brothers, and Sam Raimi.

Louie Anderson: I’m 20% Norwegian & 80% Butter:

Louie Anderson just got his DNA test results back
and it turns out he hails from the Land O’ Lakes tribe.

Louie Anderson’s Mom Stopped At Every Garage Sale:

Louie Anderson and his mother always pulled over for a good sale,
even when they were part of a funeral procession.

Louie Anderson Was Born To Be A Comedian:

Louie Anderson doesn’t think he’s suited for any job except the one he has.
Although he did briefly consider running for president.

Louie Anderson Is An Underwear Hoarder:

Louie Anderson tried to donate his underwear to Goodwill,
but for some reason they wouldn’t accept it.

Tune-Yards “ABC 123” 01/23/18:

Tune-Yards perform a track off their new album I can feel you creep into my private life.


On Wednesday, January 24th, Conan welcomes
DJ Khaled, Natasha Leggero,
and musical guest The Ghost Of Paul Revere.

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