Last Night on CONAN – 1/25/18: Lisa Kudrow | Tom Segura | Sam Morril

Conan 1.25.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, January 25th, Conan welcomed
Lisa Kudrow, Tom Segura, and Sam Morril.

CONAN Monologue 01/25/18:

Conan jokes about North and South Korea’s unification,
Davos, and the Harry Potter cruise.

What Conan’s Watching: “Fox News” Edition:

Don’t watch Fox News if you’re trying to avoid Trump tweet spoilers.

Lisa Kudrow On The Latest Fake “Friends” Movie Trailer:

Courteney Cox recently sent Lisa Kudrow the latest fake “Friends” movie trailer.
Neither of them were impressed.

Lisa Kudrow On Her Oscar-Nominated Film “Boss Baby”:

Lisa Kudrow doesn’t think she’s going to the Oscars,
but her voice might attend.

Lisa Kudrow Is A Very Cautious Person:

Lisa Kudrow is the type of person who thinks
everything is a disaster waiting to happen.

Lisa Kudrow Shelters In Place When It Snows:

Lisa Kudrow is very much a California girl.

Lisa Kudrow Is Pro-Vibrator:

Lisa Kudrow explains the health benefits of vibrators
and Conan gets uncomfortable.

Tom Segura Accidentally Commissioned A 6-Foot Tall Painting Of His Son:

Tom Segura didn’t have a strong grasp of the metric system
when he ordered a custom painting from Spain.

Tom Segura Is Not Japanese:

Attention all hotel clerks — stop pronouncing “Segura” like it’s Japanese.

Tom Segura’s Mom Didn’t Understand His 69 Joke:

Tom Segura’s “old Peruvian” mom is not hip to the latest sex act slang.

Tom Segura On His Controversial Louisiana Border Wall Joke:

Tom Segura wants people to know that his joke about
putting a wall around Louisiana was just a joke.

Sam Morril: It’s A Bad Time To Be A Predator:

Sam Morril thinks the Nashville Predators are going to have a rough PR time
if one of their athletes turns out to be an actual predator.


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