Last Night on CONAN – 1/30/18: Kevin Nealon | Martin Freeman | Jordan Temple

Conan 1.30.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, January 29th, Conan welcomed
Kevin Nealon, Martin Freeman, and Jordan Temple.

<[Video] Conan O’Brien Special 1/27/18: CONAN in Haiti>

Conan: Melania Trump Delivered A SCOTUS Rebuttal:

Conan jokes about the State of the Union, the state of Georgia, and the state of denial.

Conan Returns A Joke:

After a joke bombs in the monologue, Conan calls up the Joke Returns & Exchanges department to exchange the joke for one of equal or lesser value.

Get Your “Haiti Is Great Already” T-Shirt:

Show your support for the people of Haiti with a “Haiti is Great Already” t-shirt, available now at Each shirt sold benefits two great charities that help Haiti and the Haitian people: J/P HRO and Artists for Peace and Justice.

Conan & Kevin Nealon Take A Hike Around The Studio:

Conan was one of Kevin Nealon’s favorite guests on his web series “Hiking With Kevin.”
Let’s see if they can recreate that magic on Stage 15.

Kevin Nealon Is Trying To Downsize:

Kevin Nealon wants to get all the clutter out of his life and downsize to a coffin.

Kevin Nealon’s Death Chat With His 10-Year-Old Son:

Wherein Kevin Nealon teaches his young son
that death is random and can happen to anyone at any time.

Martin Freeman Makes Conan Do His Terrible British Accent:

Martin thinks few Americans are good at British accents and Conan is not one of them.

Martin Freeman On The Difference Between British & American Actors:

Martin thinks that because a lot of British actors come up in the theater, they have a slightly different attitude towards the craft. Not that they’re all professionals, according to Martin, some of them are “t****.”

Jordan Temple: Black People Don’t Care About Being In Tim Burton Movies:

Jordan Temple has noticed that a lot of white people argue on behalf of black inclusion in things they don’t even want to be included in. Like “Edward Scisssorhands.”


On Wednesday, January 30th, Conan welcomes
Wanda Sykes, Tom Papa, and musical guest Mt. Joy.

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