Last Night on CONAN – 11/28/17: Justin Verlander | Jay Pharoah | Langhorne Slim

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On Tuesday, November 28th, Conan welcomes
Justin Verlander, Jay Pharoah, and musical guest Langhorne Slim

Conan On Trump’s Latest Portrait Faux Pas:

Conan jokes about Andrew Jackson, Buffalo Wild Wings, and “Jersey Shore.”

Roy Moore’s New Campaign Ad:

Roy Moore approves this message — with your mother’s permission of course.

Andy Richter’s “Taste Of New York”:

When Andy was in New York City for #ConanNYC, he made it his business
to hunt down the best slice of pizza in all the five boroughs.

Justin Verlander Loved Giving Houston Something To Cheer For:

Justin talks about the Astros first-ever World Series win coming just a few short months after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

The World Series Made Justin Verlander Late To His Wedding:

Justin and Kate Upton’s wedding plans were “ruined” by the
Astros’ participation in Game 7 of the World Series.

Justin Verlander Has Been An Intimidating Pitcher Since Age 9:

Justin threw so hard as a 9-year-old, he made kids in the on-deck circle cry. It might have had something to do with the fact that Justin sometimes hit them in the head.

Justin Verlander On His Brief, Incredible Season With The Astros:

After Justin was traded to the Astros in late August, he felt like a nervous kid starting the first day of school in a new city. It turns out he didn’t have much to be nervous about.

Jay Pharaoh: Don’t Play Phase 10 With Your Family:

Jay doesn’t think you should play Phase 10 with your family
until you want to kickstart a lot of drama.

Jay Pharaoh’s Dad Is Very Very Proud Of Him:

Jay’s dad has been known to call up his son and loudly ask
for Barack Obama to come to the phone.

The First Impression Jay Pharaoh Mastered Was Iago From “Aladdin”:

6-year-old Jay Pharaoh learned to parrot
Gilbert Gottfried’s iconic voice to impress his girlfriend.

Jay Pharaoh’s Smeagol & “Black” Sparrow Impressions:

Jay is gunning for a role in a big budget action film,
mostly so people will stop confusing him for Anthony Mackie.

Jay Pharaoh Is The Male Taylor Swift:

Like Taylor Swift, Jay’s forthcoming album is full of diss tracks.

Langhorne Slim “Life Is Confusing” 11/27/17:

Langhorne Slim performs a track off his album Lost At Last Vol. 1.

Langhorne Slim “Never Break”:

Langhorne Slim’s stripped down, acoustic performance of the track off Lost At Last Vol. 1.


On Wednesday, November 29th, Conan welcomes
Eric McCormack and Rob Riggle

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