Last Night on CONAN – 11/2/17: Mila Kunis | Maria Bamford | King Krule

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, November 2nd, Conan welcomed
Mila Kunis, Maria Bamford, and musical guest King Krule

Conan: Trump Is Only Going To Deport Some Of The Astros:

Conan jokes about the World Series, Amazon, and Alex Trebek.

Papa John’s New Kneeling Pizza:

Papa John’s tried blaming kneeling protests at football games for their falling stock,
but now they’re shifting gears and trying to capitalize on the trend.

Vir Das Presents News From The Rest Of The World:

Our news is so dominated by Trump that it’s easy to forget there’s an entire world
with plenty of news that we’re probably missing. India’s own Vir Das is here to help.


Mila Kunis Donated To Planned Parenthood In Vice President Mike Pence’s Name:

Mila peacefully protested the Vice President’s views by
setting up a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood in his name.

Mila Kunis’ 3-Year-Old Daughter Is Too Logical To Believe In Santa Claus:

Mila’s daughter doesn’t understand why she has to give cookies
to a bearded stranger who breaks into her house at night. She has a good point.

Mila Kunis Sold Unlicensed *NSYNC Merch On eBay:

If you bought a knock-off *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys t-shirt on eBay in the early aughts,
you may have bought it from Mila and her high school best friend.

Mila Kunis & Conan Chew On Bourbon:

Mila teaches Conan and Andy that the correct way to drink bourbon is chew it.

Maria Bamford’s Relationship Advice:

Maria learned from her therapist that it’s important to listen mindfully to your spouse,
even if he or she is telling you about sailboats or “Planet of the Apes.”

Maria Bamford Used Her Commencement Speech Earnings To Pay Off Students’ Loans:

Maria’s alma mater doesn’t typically pay commencement speakers,
but Maria insisted they pay up for her sage wisdom.

King Krule “Dum Surfer” 11/02/17:

King Krule performs a single off his new album The OOZ.



On Monday, November 6th, Conan flies to New York City
for a week of shows from the Apollo Theater for #ConanNYC where he welcomes
Stephen Colbert and comedian Rod Man

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