Last Night on CONAN – 12/4/17: Dan Rather | Ana Gasteyer | Ty Segall

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On Monday, December 4th, Conan welcomed
Dan Rather, Ana Gasteyer, and musical guest Ty Segall

Conan On What President Trump & Roy Moore Have In Common:

Conan jokes about Matt Lauer, Roy Moore, and more gross guys.

Handwritten Additions To The GOP Tax Bill:

Republicans scribbled in last minute addendums to their tax bill like, “life begins at insertion.”

Guess What Product This Holiday Ad Is For?:

Holiday ads all look and feel the same, it’s hard to tell what over-the-counter cream they’re promoting.

Celebrity Survey: Mitch McConnell, Melania Trump Edition:

Forget the tax plan, Mitch McConnell has much more nefarious plans for punishing the poor.

Dan Rather On The Age Of Trump: This Is Not Normal:

Dan Rather has covered every president since Eisenhower, but sees something unprecedented and dangerous
about President Trump’s unrelenting war against the press.

Dan Rather On The Dangers Of Nationalism:

Dan Rather talks about covering KKK rallies in the 1960’s, another period in American history when
there was a resurgence of intolerance and nationalism in the country.

Dan Rather’s Bathroom-side Chat With LBJ:

There are a lot of rumors about President Lyndon Johnson’s propensity for carrying on conversations in the restroom, but Dan Rather has “eye witness testimony.”

Dan Rather Wanted To Be The First Journalist In Space:

For years, Dan Rather begged NASA to send him into space. NASA never called, but Dan’s still game.

Dan Rather: Trump’s Not A Reader:

Dan Rather doesn’t think Trump will read his new book  “What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism,”
so Dan’s thinking about sending him the audiobook version.

Ana Gasteyer On The Driver Who Made Her Miss Her Flight:

Ana knew her ETA wasn’t looking good when her driver said he didn’t believe in Google Maps.

Ana Gasteyer’s Son’s iPhone Prank:

Ana’s son likes to change her name in her phone to things like “Penis Joke.”

Ana Gasteyer Loves Playing Her Foul-Mouthed “Lady Dynamite” Character:

Ana loves stepping into the shoes of her ruthless, greedy “Lady Dynamite” character.

Ty Segall “Fanny Dog” 12/04/17:

Ty Segall performs a track off his just-announced new album Freedom’s Goblin.

On Tuesday, December 5th, Conan welcomes
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Barkhad Abdi, and Dina Hashem

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