Last Night on CONAN – 3/1/18: Heather Graham | Gad Elmaleh | Sofi Tukker

Conan 3.1.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, March 1st, Conan welcomed
Heather GrahamGad Elmaleh, and Sofi Tukker

Conan: Walmart Is Happy To Sell Guns To Pissed Off 22-Year-Olds:

Conan jokes about Walmart’s new gun policy,
Starbucks’ new wine, and a new DNA dating app.

Conan Reviews Oscar Hopefuls “Dunkirk” & “Call Me By Your Name”:

They didn’t do that good of a job editing Armie Hammer’s
private parts out of “Call Me By Your Name.”

Has Conan Been Cheating On Andy? Find Out On “This Is Conan”:

Andy accuses Conan of seeing another sidekick in the
most dramatic episode of “This Is Conan” yet.

Heather Graham Turned Down Dildo Product Placement:

When a dildo company offered Heather $50,000 to use their product in a scene,
she thought long and hard about selling out.

Heather Graham & Conan Both Grew Up Catholic & Sexually Repressed:

Heather’s father taught her at an early age that
premarital sex was a one way ticket to hell.

Heather Graham: Women Are Too Hard On Themselves:

Heather thinks most men are too excited about
seeing a naked woman to care about imperfections.

Gad Elmaleh’s Mother Wasn’t Impressed With His Carnegie Hall Gig:

Gad’s mother thought Carnegie Hall was just another room
until she saw a photo of Frank Sinatra performing there.

Gad Elmaleh Points Out The Absurdities In The English Language:

Gad is learning English and having trouble coping with the fact that he will
never know how old a toddler is and how much is actually in a bunch.

Gad Elmaleh Doesn’t Understand Baseball:

Gad doesn’t know anything about the players or the rules, but that
doesn’t stop him from looking cool and comfortable in a Yankees cap.

Gad Elmaleh Sings A Song In Made-Up English:

Before Gad could speak English, he performed songs at a
French piano bar in total gibberish-English.

Sofi Tukker “Baby I’m A Queen” 03/01/18:

Sofi Tukker debut their new song “Baby I’m A Queen.”


On Monday, March 5th, Conan welcomes
Kevin Hart and Nash Edgerton

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