Last Night on CONAN – 3/12/18: Minnie Driver | Ron Funches | Mary Mack

Conan 3.12.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, March 12th, Conan welcomed
Minnie DriverRon Funches, and Mary Mack

Conan Reveals Fox News’ New Tagline:

Conan jokes about Black Panther, dolphin sex, and horse nightclubs.

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Many Mistakes:

Michael Cohen’s very public thank you note
to Stormy Daniels was just one of many oversights.

Conan & Andy’s Insincere Two Minute Catch-Up:

Conan takes some time to catch up with
his close personal friend Andy Richter.

“Betsy DeVos Identifies Common School Supplies”
& More Coffee Table Books That Didn’t Sell

It’s unfair to expect the United States Secretary of Education to know what a globe is.

Minnie Driver On Americans’ Bad Table Manners:

The British-born actress thinks Americans threw out
their table manners in 1773 with the tea in Boston Harbor.

Minnie Driver & Other Random Celebrities Are On Ivory Coast Stamps:

What do Minnie Driver and David Hasselhoff have in common?
They are both on postage stamps in West Africa for reasons unknown to them.

Minnie Driver Plays Her Mouth-Trumpet:

Minnie likes to use her special talent to “play off” people
who ramble on too long in conversations.

Ron Funches Was Determined To Be On “Curb Your Enthusiasm”:

Ron was so eager to be on “Curb” that he
threatened to quit “Powerless” to make it happen.

Ron Funches Gave Away Money At Wachovia Bank:

Ron was fired from the now-defunct bank for
giving people their money back like a call center Robin Hood.

Ron Funches Is Taking Professional Wrestling Classes:

Ron is taking professional wrestling classes
because he thinks stand-up comedy is too stable.

Mary Mack Needs A Man-Sized Mound Of Mashed Potatoes:

Mary wants to crawl inside a mound of mashed potatoes
and wait out the Trump presidency.


On Tuesday, March 13th, Conan welcomes
Terry Crews, Robert Reich, and Mark Normand

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