Last Night on CONAN – 3/5/18: Kevin Hart | Nash Edgerton

Conan 3.5.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, March 5th, Conan welcomed
Kevin Hart and Nash Edgerton

Conan On President Trump’s Oscar Pool:

Conan jokes about Guillermo del Toro’s big Oscars win and Trump’s big Oscars loss.

The Breakout Star Of The Oscars:

McDonald’s commercial star/CONAN Writers Coordinator Kathy Yamamoto
thanks her co-star Chrissy Teigen and gives her two weeks notice.

Kool-Aid Man With The Flu & More NCAA Mascots That Should Never Dunk:

Doesn’t look like the Kool-Aid Man will be crashing through any walls anytime soon.

Kevin Hart’s Drunken Mission To Hold The Super Bowl Trophy:

A play-by-play account of Kevin Hart’s intoxicated mission
to hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl.

Kevin Hart Goes To NBA Games To Argue With The Players:

After Kevin told James Harden that “people live in his beard,”
the Houston Rocket retaliated by scoring 52 points and kicking him in the shin.

Kevin Hart’s Star-Studded Dinner:

Kevin dishes on who paid (Chris Rock) and who told the best stories
(Eddie Murphy) at his dinner with entertainment heavyweights.

Kevin Hart On “What The Fit” & Sumo Wrestling With Conan:

Kevin swears the funniest moment in his new YouTube series
is when Conan takes his shirt off to reveal his insanely white chest.

Nash Edgerton On Conan And Joel Edgerton’s Resemblance:

Nash feels like he needs to talk to his mother
about Conan’s uncanny resemblance to his brother Joel.

Nash Edgerton Does His Brother’s Stunts:

Nash doesn’t usually mind doing his brother’s stunts
— except for when he’s bleeding into a bucket and Joel is cozily drinking hot cocoa.

Nash Edgerton Directed His Brother & Charlize Theron In A Sex Scene:

Nash had to direct brother Joel Edgerton in a sex scene for “Gringo”
— and it was just as awkward as it sounds.


On Tuesday, March 6th, Conan welcomes
Martin ShortNatalie Zea, and Michael Longfellow

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