Last Night on CONAN – 3/26/18: Thomas Middleditch | Ta’Rhonda Jones | Erin Jackson

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On Monday, March 26th, Conan welcomed
Thomas Middleditch, Ta’Rhonda Jones, and Erin Jackson

Conan’s Takeaway From The Stormy Daniels Interview:

Conan jokes about “60 Minutes,”
Trump’s comb overs, and Ron Jeremy.

Conan & Jordan Schlansky Plan Their Trip To Italy:

Conan surprises fake Italian and real CONAN employee Jordan Schlansky
with a trip to Italy. #ConanItaly premieres April 11th at 10/9c on TBS.

How Thomas Middleditch Coaxes Butthead Out Of Mike Judge:

Thomas is always looking for ways to get
Mike Judge to slip back into Butthead.

Thomas Middleditch’s Photoshop Battle With Sir Patrick Stewart:

Thomas started a playful feud with Sir Patrick Stewart on Instagram —
and not all of Sir Patrick’s fans were amused.

Thomas Middleditch Is A Huge “Bachelor” Fan:

Instead of promoting the new season of “Silicon Valley,” Thomas talks at length
about visiting the “The Bachelor” set and meeting the “foine” contestants.

The First Time Ta’Rhonda Jones Flew First Class:

Ta’Rhonda almost ate the hot towel
because she thought it was a big marshmallow.

Ta’Rhonda Jones Calls Out Her Neighbors’ Very Loud Sex:

Ta’Rhonda wants her neighbor A.J. and his girlfriend
to lower the volume in the bedroom.

Ta’Rhonda & Conan Make Plans To Go Clubbing:

Ta’Rhonda is sick of going home to an empty apartment
and wants Conan to hook her up with someone.

Erin Jackson Wants To Get Married:

Erin is all for husbands taking their wife’s last names —
but then how will people know you got married?


On Tuesday, March 27th, Conan welcomes
Armie HammerNick Swardson, and JC Currais

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