Last Night on CONAN – 3/27/18: Armie Hammer | Nick Swardson | JC Currais

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, March 27th, Conan welcomed
Armie HammerNick Swardson, and JC Currais

Conan: Trump Is Bringing Porn Into The Mainstream:

Conan jokes about Stormy Daniels,
evangelicals, and Hufflepuff.

#ConanItaly Preview: Conan Speaks Italian:

Conan hits the streets of Florence with Jordan Schlansky to say hello
and “pesto” to the locals. #ConanItaly premieres April 11th at 10/9c on TBS.


Conan Plays Horse With Magic Johnson:

Conan O’Brien and NBA legend Magic Johnson work up an appetite
playing a very competitive game of Horse.

Spring Breakers Interrupt A CONAN Taping:

Ever wonder how homeschooled college students
celebrate spring break? Two words: bundt cake.

Armie Hammer Is No Halle Berry:

Armie was enjoying his meal in an empty restaurant when the restaurant’s
owner asked him look after the place so he could deliver food to Halle Berry.

Armie Hammer Tells The Story Of His 2011 Arrest:

After a police dog sniffed out weed in his U-Haul,
Armie spent the night in a West Texas jail with some “Social Network” fans.

Armie Hammer Is Retiring His Tracksuits:

After wearing nothing but tracksuits during the 14-month “Call Me By Your Name”
press tour, Armie is officially announcing his retirement from athleisure.

Armie Hammer On Stanley Tucci’s “Final Portrait”:

Armie thinks his new film from actor/writer/director Stanley Tucci
rivals “Reservoir Dogs” when it comes to f-bombs.

Nick Swardson Vomited Wheat Grass In The Street:

A carload of frat guys cheered on Nick for raging in the middle of the day,
but really he just had one too many algae shots.

Nick Swardson’s Last Minute Nude Scene:

Nick was so comfortable in his own skin,
he didn’t even need a robe on set.

A Black Widow Spider Bit Nick Swardson In His Bed:

Nick woke up to an enormous sore on his leg and
did what anyone else would do — posted about it on Facebook.

Nick Swardson: My Fans Are Loose Cannons:

At one of Nick’s recent shows in Florida, two audience members got into a fist fight,
three people vomited, and one guy passed out in the toilet.



On Wednesday, March 28th, Conan welcomes
Ed Helms, Miles Brown, and The Breeders

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