Last Night on CONAN – 5/1/18: Kunal Nayyar | Adam Pally | Harrison Greenbaum

Conan 5.1.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, May 1st, Conan welcomes
Kunal Nayyar, Adam Pally, and Harrison Greenbaum

Conan: Trump’s Presidency Is A Side Effect Of Propecia:

Conan jokes about Dr. Harold Bornstein,
Jeff Bezos, and a Floridian.

More Faked Wildlife Photos:

An award winning wildlife photographer put a stuffed anteater in one of his compositions
and now people are starting to question the authenticity of his other photos.

Andy Pretends To Care About True Thompson:

Andy doesn’t give a shit about Khloe Kardashian’s new baby,
Kanye West, or people’s old headshots.

What Conan’s Watching: C-SPAN Edition:

WARNING: Conan’s INFO button reveals a HUGE spoiler
about the next season of “American Crime Story.”

Kunal Nayyar Wishes It Was His Birthday Every Day:

Kunal wishes people texted him
as much as they text him on his birthday.

Kunal Nayyar Is Intimidated By His Much Taller Wife:

Being married to a 5’10” woman can be intimidating for Kunal,
especially because he doesn’t have any Tom Cruise-style shoe lifts.

Conan Fails Kunal Nayyar’s Food Acting Class:

After 11 seasons of eating Chinese food on “The Big Bang Theory,”
Kunal has mastered the art of pretend eating.

Kunal Nayyar Wants A “Big Bang Theory” Spin-Off:

Kunal makes the case for a “Young Sheldon”-inspired
spin-off entitled “Old Raj.”

Adam Pally’s Interview As “Snaredevil” Goes Completely Off The Rails:

Adam Pally always dresses up for CONAN, this time as a confusing mix
between Daredevil and Deadpool that he calls “Snaredevil.”

Harrison Greenbaum: America Is #1 In Personal Lightning Strikes:

Harrison makes his late night stand-up debut
with a set that goes from Russia to Mars.



On Wednesday, May 2nd, Conan welcomes
Aubrey PlazaJason George, and Marlon Williams

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