Last Night on CONAN – 5/23/18: Kelsey Grammer | Anthony Joshua | Lake Street Dive | Clueless Gamer: “MLB The Show 18” w/ Aaron Judge

Conan 5.23.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, May 23rd, Conan welcomed
Kelsey Grammer, Anthony Joshua, and Lake Street Dive
plus Clueless Gamer: “MLB The Show 18” with Aaron Judge

Conan: Robert De Niro Banned Trump From All His McDonald’s:

Conan jokes about McDonald’s, Chili’s, Arby’s and art majors.

Why Kelsey Grammer Is Nude In This Photo:

Kelsey wasn’t on a bender, he just urgently needed to
disrobe after his dogs had a stinky skunk encounter.

Kelsey Grammer’s Wife’s Name Is Tattooed In His Pubic Region:

Kelsey essentially branded his junk with his wife’s name.

Kelsey Grammer Auditioned To Play Han Solo In The Original “Star Wars”:

After being thrown out of Juilliard, Kelsey Grammer managed
to score a meeting with some weird guy named “Lucas.”

Kelsey Grammer Reveals Who Sideshow Bob’s Voice Is Based On:

Kelsey’s “Simpsons” baddie voice is based on a
very theatrical theater actor named Ellis Rabb.

Anthony Joshua Finds Conan’s Weak Point:

Anthony and Conan both have inches over most boxers,
but most boxers could also take out Conan with their pinkie finger.

Anthony Joshua Can Lift Weights With His Mouth:

PLUS: Anthony reveals whether or not he
subscribes to the “no sex before a fight” philosophy.

Is A UFC Match In Anthony Joshua’s Future?:

Anthony doesn’t care about the money, but he’d consider
a UFC fight it if his heart told him it was right.

Lake Street Dive “Good Kisser” 05/23/18:

Lake Street Dive perform a track off their album Free Yourself Up.

Clueless Gamer: “MLB The Show 18” With Aaron Judge:

New York Yankees superstar and “MLB The Show 18” cover athlete Aaron Judge
critiques Conan’s ass-out batting stance and presides over a mock trial as Judge Judge.



On Thursday, May 24th, Conan welcomes
James Comey, Tig Notaro, and Cory Kahaney

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