Last Night on CONAN – 6/4/18: Ashton Kutcher | Christian Navarro | Johnny Marr

Conan 6.4.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, June 4th, Conan welcomed
Ashton Kutcher, Christian Navarro, and Johnny Marr

Conan Knows Why The North Korea Summit Is Back On:

Conan jokes about Roseanne, Trump,
and a McDonald’s in North Korea.

A Canadian Goes Into A Rage Over Trump’s Trade War:

CONAN’s one and only Canadian writer has some
harsh words and even harsher hand motions for President Trump.

What Conan’s Watching: NBA Finals Edition:

Conan can’t wait to find out which NBA team will
publicly reject an invitation to the White House.

Netflix Won’t Let Ashton Kutcher Give Away This Cow:

Ashton wants to do a cow sweepstakes for fans
of “The Ranch” but Netflix lawyers won’t let him.

Ashton Kutcher Stood Up Conan On Memorial Day:

Ashton apologizing for not showing up after
Conan invited him to make s’mores on the beach.

Ashton Kutcher’s Hair Is Starting To Go:

Ashton’s hairline is receding, but luckily he’s
already established himself as a baseball cap guy.

Christian Navarro Got Dating Advice From Jamie Foxx:

Most of Christian’s fans are teenagers, so on Jamie Foxx’s advice,
he’ll be waiting 10 years before dating any of them.

Christian Navarro Knew He Wanted To Be An Actor At Age 3:

Christian has had puppy dog eyes and the
drive to be an actor since he was a toddler.

Christian Navarro Wants To Play Yoda:

Christian thinks he’s got the right stature
to play the pint-sized Jedi Master.

Christian Navarro Didn’t Drive Before “13 Reasons Why”:

Christian bent the truth about his driving
abilities when he auditioned for “13 Reasons Why.”

Johnny Marr “Bug” 06/04/18:

Johnny Marr performs a track off
his third solo album Call The Comet.


On Tuesday, June 5th, Conan welcomes
Chris Hardwick, Leslie Bibb, and Nore Davis

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