Last Night on CONAN at COMIC-CON – 7/19/18: The Cast of “The Predator”

Conan 7.19.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, July 19th for #ConanCon, Conan welcomed
the cast of “The Predator” – Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane,
Trevante Rhodes, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, and director Shane Black

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Batgirl Audition Tapes:

Hilary Swank, Wanda Sykes, Maria Bamford, and Nick Offerman are just a few
of the multi-talented actors who auditioned for the upcoming Batgirl movie.

#ConanCon Monologue 07/19/18:

Conan begins night two of his week of shows from San Diego
with jokes about Thanos, The Tick, and The Incontinent Hulk.

Norman Reedus Parked His E-Scooter At #ConanCon:

A certain “Walking Dead” actor left his electric scooter on the #ConanCon stage.

Black Panther’s Inner Thoughts:

Conan takes a moment to pontificate about inclusiveness at Comic-Con®,
but T’Challa knows the closest Conan’s ever been to Africa was orchestra seats for “The Lion King.”

Turn To Ash With Erasunex®:

Erasunex® brings you complete, total, utter relief faster than you can snap your fingers.

Conan’s Superhero Generator:

Conan’s voice-activated 3-D printer can generate comic book characters —
but it may have misunderstood some of Conan’s commands.

Why “The Predator” Is A Dream Come True For Keegan-Michael Key:

Keegan-Michael Key has been training his entire life to star in “The Predator.”

Sterling K. Brown On Acting In “This Is Us” Vs. “The Predator”:

Even though “The Predator” is such a departure from the family drama
“This Is Us,” Sterling K. Brown still managed to make some people cry.

Olivia Munn On The Struggles Of Working With Men:

Olivia thinks male actors are way more concerned
with their hair and makeup on movie sets than women.

Thomas Jane Sports Bare Feet At #ConanCon:

Renowned actor Marlon Brando didn’t like to wear pants.
Thomas Jane just doesn’t like to wear shoes.

Shane Black On The Predator’s New R-Rated Look:

Previous films in the franchise had PG ratings,
but that is definitely not the case in “The Predator.”

Jake Busey Remembers Visiting Gary Busey On The “Predator 2” Set:

Jake Busey talks about playing the son of his
father Gary’s character in the latest “Predator” film.

How The Cast Got In Shape To Shoot “The Predator”:

Trevante Rhodes spent an hour working on his abs each day, Augusto Aguilera just
liked the idea of getting a trainer for free, and Sterling K. Brown didn’t even try.

Keegan-Michael Key Tried To Insert Inside Jokes In “The Predator”:

Keegan-Michael Key tried to sneak moments from
the cast’s favorite funny YouTube videos into “The Predator.”

Sterling K. Brown Screams “Get To The Choppa!”:

Sterling K. Brown’s Arnold Schwarzenegger impression
will probably earn him his next Emmy.


On Saturday, July 21st for #ConanCon, Conan welcomes
the cast of “Glass” – Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis,
Sarah Paulson, Anya Taylor Joy, and writer and director M. Night Shyamalan.

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