Last Night on CONAN: Bob Costas, Pamela Adlon, Mary Mack (9/14)

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Wednesday, September 14th, Conan had broadcast personality Bob Costas, actress Pamela Adlon (Better Things), and comedian Mary Mack.

CONAN Monologue 09/14/16: Conan jokes about Colin Powell, Kid Rock, Donald Trump, and more…


Apple’s New AirPods Ad: The iPhone 7 is ditching the headphone jack, but Apple’s pretty sure their new wireless AirPods are sure to be a hit.


Italy Declares Public Masturbation Is Legal & Andy Is Thrilled!: Self-pleasuring is perfectly legal in Italy & Andy can’t wait to say ciao in person.


Coffee Table Books That Didn’t Sell 09/14/16: For some unfathomable reason, there are plenty of copies of Douche Babies available.


Conan Teases The Head & The Heart Live Stream: On Thursday, September 15th at 9:30pm ET, Team Coco and The Head and The Heart are joining forces to stream a LIVE concert from Rough Trade Records NYC! The live feed of the performance will be available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and at


Bob Costas Remembers Conan’s Early Days At NBC: Even though Conan was a nobody at the time, Bob was happy to be in a sketch where Louis CK threw apples at him.


Bob Costas Was Honored To Get Dissed By Muhammed Ali: Whether it’s being awestruck by The Greatest at the ’96 Olympics or hanging with him at Al Capone’s old haunt, Bob treasured his time with Muhammed Ali.


John Gotti Bought Bob Costas A Drink: When the Don of Dons offers to buy you a drink, just don’t say no.


Bob Costas Got Life Advice From Harry Caray: Some people might only know Harry from Will Ferrell’s impression, but Bob knows him as the creator of the 4 Bs.


Bob Costas On Vin Scully’s Retirement: Bob salutes the iconic voice of the L.A. Dodgers who is retiring after 67 seasons.


Pamela Adlon’s Mom Is A Complete Mess: Pamela’s mom smashes her face in on a skateboard; Pamela’s mom does unannounced pop-ins; Pamela’s mom is good TV.


Pamela Adlon Played A Girl Who Magically Grows A Penis: It’s a bizarre body-swap movie with Seth Green, a magic crystal, and of course, a young girl who suddenly has male genitals.


Mary Mack Stand-Up 09/14/16: Mary loves performing in Los Angeles because she’s sick of being appreciated on the inside.


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