Last Night on CONAN: Jane Lynch, Jeffrey Toobin, and Wolf Parade (8/25)

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Thursday, August 25th, Conan had actress Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night), author Jeffrey Toobin, and musical guest Wolf Parade.

CONAN Monologue 08/25/16: Conan jokes about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ryan Lochte, and more…


Proof That Hillary’s Health Is Fantastic: There have been whispers that Hillary isn’t healthy enough to become president but she’s ready to smash those rumors.


Andy Celebrates National Waffle Day!: Andy is stoked to celebrate the wonder of waffles and then it just turns into a catastrophe.


Tony The Cameraman Believes Every Political Rumor He Reads: Tony believes that Hillary wears robotic pantsuits & Trump donated to NAMBLA with equal fervency.


Jane Lynch Will Charge Paparazzi Like A Bull: Jane doesn’t really care if she gets her picture snapped—so long as she looks pretty.


Jane Lynch Encourages Contestants To Drink On “Hollywood Game Night”: It’s a fact that drinking doesn’t make you funnier, it just makes you slower and slurrier.


Jane Lynch Doesn’t Particularly Like People: Jane could never be a talk show host because she doesn’t have the stomach to listen to celebrities and their stupid anecdotes. Ironically.


Jeffrey Toobin Explains The Insane Patty Hearst Kidnapping Story: Patty Hearst was the heiress to one of the richest families in America, and her kidnapping was one of the biggest stories of the ’70’s.


Jeffrey Toobin: Patty Hearst Wasn’t Brainwashed: Jeffrey draws a connection between Patty joining the SLA and kids being radicalized by ISIS.


Wolf Parade “Mr. Startup” 08/25/16: Wolf Parade performs a track from their self-titled EP.

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