Last Night on CONAN: Marshawn Lynch, Brian Posehn, Nick Cody (9/20)

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Tuesday, September 20th, Conan had retired NFL star Marshawn Lynch, actor Brian Posehn (Stephen Universe), and comedian Nick Cody.

CONAN Monologue 09/20/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Olive Garden, Brangelina, and more…


Jane Goodall Compares Trump To A Chimp: The only difference might be the color of their fur.


Donald Trump’s OTHER Candy-Related Ads: After comparing Syrian refugees to Skittles, the Trump campaign is doubling down on its sweet.


Audience Craigslist For 09/20/16: The CONAN studio audience is just filled with people hawking their wares.


Marshawn Lynch Plays Willy Wonka For The CONAN Audience: There’s a golden ticket and a trip to Marshawn’s chocolate factory waiting for one lucky audience member.


Marshawn Lynch Reveals Why He Retired: Marshawn claims that to play football professionally requires you to have a few screws loose, but after a few big hits, those screws got tighter.


Marshawn Lynch: The NFL Hated When I Grab My “Ding-Ding Sauce”: According to Marshawn, the NFL stands for the “No Fun League.”


Bear Grylls Nearly Killed Marshawn Lynch: When Bear had him dangling from the side of a cliff, Marshawn let loose with a beautiful string of curse words.


Marshawn Lynch Improves Conan’s Street Swag: If Conan can just master the phrase “U Biiitch!” he’ll be golden in Oakland.


How Marshawn Lynch Gives Back To His Hometown: Thanks to Fam 1st Family Foundation, kids get a chance to hang with Beast Mode himself.


Marshawn Lynch On The Colin Kaepernick Controversy: Marshawn supports Colin’s protest, saying it’s not a danger to either football or the country.

Brian Posehn’s Son Kicked Him In The Face: Brian may or may not have been wrestling his son while wearing a Spider-Man mask at the time.


Brian Posehn Has “Star Wars” Stockholm Syndrome: Brian realizes that he talks about Star Wars in the same cowed nervous tones as a battered spouse.


Nick Cody Stand-Up 09/20/16: Nick’s fiancée loves old houses and exercise, which happens to be two things that Nick hates.


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