Last Night on CONAN: Walton Goggins, Tig Notaro, Corinne Bailey Rae (8/29)

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Monday, August 29th, Conan had actor Walton Goggins (Django Unchained, Sons of Anarchy), comedian/actress Tig Notaro (One Mississippi), and musical guest Corinne Bailey Rae.

CONAN Monologue 08/29/16: Conan jokes about Anthony Weiner, Beyoncé, Donald Trump, and more…


Remember When Andy Was An MTV VJ?: Andy [hearts] the ’80s. And cocaine.


Anthony Weiner’s OTHER Sexts: Anthony Weiner is in trouble again for sending racy pics, but give the guy a break, he’s just a crotch-based photographer.


Conan Speaks To Donald Trump’s Doctor: Dr. Harold Bornstein said that Trump would be the healthiest person ever elected as president. Trust him, he’s a doctor of some sort!


Walton Goggins’ Horrific Tale Of Losing His Teeth: If you like Walton’s toothy smile, then you’ll be terrified at his story of how they were knocked out.


Walton Goggins Is A Hog-Calling Champion: Sadly Walton didn’t do nearly as well in the greased pig chase.


Walton Goggins Wore His Cowboy Hat Proudly In Paris: Of course that might be just because Walton was hiding his frosted tips…


Walton Goggins Mixes Drinks For Conan & Andy: Walton has his own line of spirits and he gives Conan & Andy a free sample of his wares.


Tig Notaro Puts Her Twin Babies In Sia Wigs: Tig wants to get her kids in the public eye but their babysitter Sia is a little more protective.


Tig Notaro Isn’t Sure Why “Assh***” Is Bleeped: You can say “ass” and you can say “hole” but if you put them together, it’s a real no-no.


Tig Notaro Is Ready For A Minivan: Tig’s wife is convinced that she only wants one for a bit.

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