Lego Creations That Put Yours to Shame

hellonettoYou may love building with your Legos, but have you ever thought of actually making a career out of it? Probably not, but Duncan Titmarsh did.

Over five years ago Duncan gave up his job as a kitchen fitter to build a business around Lego building and it has been successful. Bright Bricks is one of only a handful of companies officially recognized as a Lego builder by the Danish toy company and the only British one.Bus-and-Taxi-at-Troxy

Bright Bricks is a U.K. based company that makes Lego creations and is quickly becoming world renowned for their brick creations. If you’ve been near a huge Lego creation then you might have seen their work.

In 2014, at the SDCC, there was a life-size replica of Groot and Rocket in full Lego form.groot and rocket

Together with company director ED Diment and about 30 staff they have built hundreds of Lego creations.

And I sometimes have trouble just following directions that came with the set.aquarium flybe bricks car mammoth simpsons cake boy castlle taz hulkbuster queen mary Bus-and-Taxi-at-Troxy man

Take a visual tour of their website for more stunning creations.

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