Leonard Nimoy and His Transformer’s Connection!

Since the passing of Leonard Nimoy on Friday afternoon, there has been an outpouring of fan appreciation. Though it has mostly been in the form of Star Trek homages to Leonard’s most recognizable role, as Mr. Spock from TV’s Classic show that only lasted three seasons. There is a whole lot more to the acting career of Leonard Nimoy


Today I would like to spotlight another franchise favorite of mine that Leonard Nimoy was also a big part of. That franchise is The Transformers and the voice acting Mr. Nimoy has done for this fan favorite line. The first work Nimoy did for the Transformers franchise came in 1986 when the cult classic Transformers the animated movie was released. Mr. Nimoy was the voice of the transformed version of Megatron now known to everyone as the badass…..Galvatron!!

Galvatron was the new wave of upgraded Transformers who were given newly formed bodies from the planet eating giant Unicron. The Galvatron character and voice made him an instant fan favorite and much of that credit goes to Leonard Nimoy himself with his tremendous voice acting!


The next time Leonard Nimoy would return to the Transformers was in the updated live action movies by Director/Producer Michael Bay. Nimoy would lend his voice talents again but this time to play the character Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Now Sentinel Prime was nowhere as near as cool as Galvatron was but is always great to hear and know that it is Mr. Spock’s voice behind the robot.

RIP Leonard Nimoy…..all your talents will be very missed but never forgotten.

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