Let the Invasion Begin – Invader Zim Returns in Comics this July


Some things never die, and never should… like good cartoons.

It’s been a decade since Nickelodeon introduced us to Invader Zim. This short alien from the planet Irk and his malfunctioning robot GIR were sent on a mission to conquer Earth and enslave its inhabitants.

Created by Jhonen Vasquez, this series quickly gained a fan following, but unfortunately was canceled by Nickelodeon before the second season was finished. The show was picked up by Nicktoons where it aired both seasons before being canceled on August 19, 2006.


Despite it’s cancellation Invader Zim and his robotic sidekick have continued to gain a loyal following and it is not hard to find Invader Zim on T-shirts, pillows, or just about anything else.

Now Vasquez is bringing the diminutive alien back to life on the pages of a comic. Starting in July, Oni Press will start publishing the all-new comic series and we will once again see our favorite alien as he attempts (and fails) to conquer the Earth.