Lip Sync Battle! The newest hit TV show, is a must watch!

Lip Sync Battle
Lip Sync Battle hosted by L.L. Cool J

If you have not heard by now there is a new hit TV show that is taking America by storm, Lip Sync Battle! Hosted by Hip-Hop legend L.L. Cool J, Lip Sync Battle stems from Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night talk show idea and blasted to a prime time TV sensation! By taking celebrities out of their comfort zones and just having a lot of rambunctious (often at time borderline adolescent) fun!


“Lip Sync Battle” airs on THURSDAYS 10/9C

As the premiere episode with The Rock and Jimmy Fallon showed, this is not an event to be missed!


The show is all about lip-syncing. It is a mimicking format as there is no actual singing talents involved with this show. The best attribute each celebrity contestant has is their natural ability to either improvise or plan out a great song and dance routine to get the crowed all turned up! The first round of the show is basic, each celeb has one song to wow the crowd with using just their own clever lip-syncing abilities.

The formula for superb surprising hilarity is all there, as the second round of the show takes things to a whole new ballgame of costumes and choreographed background dancers! The idea for a hit TV show is clearly present as the uncontrollable laughter, joy and sometimes karaoke sing-a-long with the crowd type of fun ensues!

"Chrissy" Teigen
“Chrissy” Teigen is always so confused

I forgot to mention that “Chrissy” Teigen is also a co-host or sideshow bartender, I don’t know. I love the girl but honestly I was not a fan of her as a co-host or whatever. She was there to criticize and was an annoyance not an addition. Chrissy is the only part I did not like of Lip Sync Battle but that was mostly an afterthought since the show itself was more than enough.

Lip Sync Battle was so good it kept myself and my family entertained and laughing almost the entire time! The borderline sexual innuendos and very naughty jokes made me so glad this show was on Spike Network rather than one of the big three national TV networks. It might be too much at times for very young viewers, with the very sexual nature of the show because of some songs and the banter back and forth.

(WARNING: Spoilers on who wins ahead if you do not want to read)

The Rock does DIsco
The Rock does Disco

The first two episodes have aired and they were both a hit in my eyes. Than again I’ve been saying for weeks this show was going to be great. In the first episode we have The Rock vs. Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show and of course the originator of the Lip Sync with celebrity satire. While both contestants battled very hard and I think the crowd judging should be changed to LIVE Internet voting or something in that manner, it was The Rock who came out on top by pulling out the DISCO BOOTS!!

John Legend

The second episode had me dying in laughter as good friends and musical collaborators John Legend and Common brought the Lip Sync game to the people with some hilarious moments. John Legend pulling out the gold grills to wear as he sang Juveniles “Slow Motion” with a mean looking gangster lean. Common brought down the house with his channeling of Lionel Richie as he got down in an 80’s style breakdance on stage…..pretty well too if I might add.


As you can tell, I highly suggest giving Lip Sync Battle a watch. I don’t know how you couldn’t get hooked on it!! From the previews I’ve seen, the show is only going to get more foolishly outlandish and I personally CANNOT WAIT!!


What’s to come on Lip Sync Battle!!

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Mike Tyson

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