Man of Steel Easter Egg Lay Hidden for Four Years

Four years after Man of Steel first hit the screen, there has been the unveiling of another Easter Egg.

We all know about the company logos we can see of Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises during the fight sequence between Superman (Henry Cavill) and Zod (Michael Shannon) and our own dearly departed Manny Popoca unveiled the Supergirl easter egg.

Now, thanks to Jason Momoa. we know of another one and this one reflects into the current DC Cinematic Universe. This tidbit was revealed in an Interview with DC All Access.

“….In Man of Steel, when Henry [Cavill] is saving the oil rig …and he’s holding that up, and all of a sudden he kind of floats up on the ocean, he’s [Zack] like ‘I had Aquaman save him so that they did cross paths at one point.’ ….So then when Bruce goes ‘You ever heard of…Superman?’ I have met him and we have crossed paths…”

According to Momoa, Zack Snyder told him that scene was intended to hint at Aquaman, which explains why Arthur Curry is familiar with Superman when Bruce Wayne approaches him in Justice League.

And here is the scene they are talking about:

I always thought it was just another massive plot hole…now I wonder what else we might have missed?