PopcultHQ Theory on Marvel Comics Secret Wars; “Battle World”! Part two of Three

If you haven’t read Part I yet, check it out here.

So how is Marvel planning to use Secret Wars to reboot the entire Marvel Universe? By creating Secret Wars Battleworld! You do remember all the teaser posters correct? What I think Marvel plans to do is have some huge time shift paradox that will allow for every single Marvel storyline (that Marvel deems is important enough) to be revisited once again. Some of the revisits will have little to no effects to them at all while others I suspect will go through some very drastic changes.

What Battleworld will then allow is for each Marvel ‘storyline’ to then occupy a place in the Secret Wars Battleworld map. Somehow this Secret Wars will then pit each of these Marvel classic characters, or legends shall we say, to pass on to the next wave of rebooted Marvel Universe. That I then believe will be very HEAVILY incorporated with what has transpired in the Marvel Cinematic Universe including all the TV series.


Since Battleworld seems to be a different level of the Secret Wars there must mean there might be more. Well there is!! I have found that after Battleworld we will than embark in what’s being hailed as Secret Wars War Zones!

War Zone, in my view will culminate into what Marvel is now calling “The End”! The end of all things Marvel lore just wiped completely out of continuity, to start all new from Marvel point #1!


Battleworld looks like it will be extremely action packed with many events and characters engaged in battle versus one another. At least that’s the way I am reading all the fantastic artwork found so far in the all new teaser images and the Battleworld map itself. The Battleworld map is broken into separate sections of Marvel Comics history. Whatever current Marvel editors and writers deem should stay will stay in the new rebooted Marvel. Whatever they deem not worthy will be ‘lost’ to some Marvel history wasteland.




“All I can say is that [“Thor” writer] Jason Aaron has had a lot of time to prepare for “Secret Wars” and for what it would mean for that character. He’s got a plan and he’s very excited, and he’s not alone. “Secret Wars” gave “Deadpool” writer Gerry Duggan the opportunity to not only cut loose on “Mrs. Deadpool,” but carve a new slice of the Marvel Universe with the Western-themed “1872.” James Robinson, who just wound up “Fantastic Four,” is ready to cut loose on “Armor Wars” and some stuff we haven’t yet announced. Brian Bendis, who is bringing his run on X-Men to an end, is cutting loose on “Old Man Logan” as well as a series or two we can’t wait to announce, stuff that could only have happened because of “Secret Wars.” Whether you’re a fan of the core titles that drive the Marvel Universe, like “Avengers” and “Amazing Spider-Man,” or a fan of more quirky, esoteric stuff like “All-New Hawkeye,” “Howard the Duck” or even “Spider-Gwen, ” there is fun stuff ahead.” – Axel Alonso’

Battleworld battle map

What will happen in ‘The End’? Be back for the next installment Monday, only here on PopCultHQ.com

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