Iron Man Mark V Suitcase Charging Station Makes You Feel Like You’re Tony Stark!

1cca_iron_man_fuel_cellNot everyone has a high tech suit that includes a smart phone, computer and built-in battery backup, which is why Tony Stark was nice enough to give us the Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell.

This tiny replica of the Mark V Armor suitcase lets us recharge our mobile devices, wherever we are. Like most Stark labs projects this little baby packs a punch. It has 12,000 mAh of power and two USB ports, allowing us to charge two devices at once (5V at 1 amp and 5V at 2 amp) and have plenty of juice left over for another charge or two. That means you can charge your tablet and your phone at the same time, or be generous and let a friend recharge too.


This beautifully crafted Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase is a ¼ scale prop replica and was designed directly from the Marvel 3D digital files with the prop as reference.

You may not be Iron Man and you definitely don’t have Tony Stark’s money, but you can have a little bit of his tech by heading over to ThinkGeek and checking out this awesome little device. It can be yours for less than $100 (barely) and it is compatible with most mobile devices.