Markiplier Releases Funny Viral Cat Video


Known as one of the top Let’s Play YouTubers, Markiplier has recently reached 10,000,000 subscribers — a number only very few YouTubers see.  In celebration, he published a “Thank You” video on his channel to his fans, letting them know how much he appreciates them and the community that is behind him.

In that video, he also mentions a newly released video that features one of the things that makes the internet, the internet…  Cats.


Art by SimplEagle

He also talks about how painstakingly difficult the process was in cutting out his lips and placing it on these particular cats.  However, the daunting task lead to a successful end as Markiplier mentions on his Facebook page,

“I honestly can’t believe how far this video has gone.  It’s been featured on some news shows, clips shows, and all of my friends back home have mentioned it to me.  I’m absolutely astonished and frankly a little concerned that this is many people’s first impression of me. Thank you all for sharing my madness.”


Partake of this madness and creativity in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

*WARNING* – Video contains some adult language.