Meet Tracy V. Wilson from HowStuffWorks at C2E2

Tracy V. Wilson is a guest and panel speaker at this years C2E2. She is a name that you might not be familiar with, but you probably have seen her work.Tracy, and her cohost Holly Frey, will be talking about the history of pizza — where it came from, why it’s become such a junk food staple in so much of the world, and how Chicago developed its own style of deep-dish, cheesy-tomato goodness. Sounds like a pretty Yummy topic to me.tracy and holly

In 2005 Tracy joined HowStuffWorks as a writer, a fantastic site that goes in to the nitty gritty details of things you never even really thought about. From How the Plague Works to How the Nintendo Power Glove worked…they cover everything. After that she just kept rising up the ranks until she became the director in 2014.

Now she co-hosts Stuff You Missed in History Class with Holly Frey. This is one of my favorite sites where they sometimes debunk history myths more often than not they tell you what really happened in history. Forget about the big battles and names we learn about at school, this where is where you can find out about everyone and everything that led up to those events. This is where you find out about the people behind the names and what happened to them.

Check out her panel on Saturday at 4:00