Mom Builds Fantastic “Blaze and The Monster Machines” Costume for Her AMC Challenged Child!


I have been very lucky in my line of work to be able to meet some very extraordinary people who play characters with extraordinary strength. From Michael Rooker who played the rough neck walker-killer “Merle” on The Walking Dead, a Power Ranger in the likes of Jason David Frank, a renowned wrestler in the form of the iconic Sgt Slaughter, to the mountain of a man the Incredible Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno. All of these people can be categorized as “tough guys.” But in all honesty they all pale in comparison to 4-year-old Max Logan, who hails from a small town called Woodstock, IL.

Max Logan was born with AMC – Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita – a rare diagnosis that afflicts 1/3000 people. Max was born with extremely fragile bones which caused his legs to be broken just by the mere touch of changing a diaper. Max spent much of his entire infant life in one form of body-cast onto another, to countless leg-castings in order to help Max grow and develop because of his curved legs. So much pain, so much suffering, so much agony. The doctors never thought Max would walk, the doctors even said that Max might not even be able to talk properly.

I personally have known about Max from those early years of hard constant travel on the road from Illinois to Philadelphia’s Shriners Hospitals for Children. From the months of seeing pictures of little baby Max with his tiny little legs always in casts, to the eventual miracle and inspiration that Max Logan has now become. Max Logan is 4 years old, he has finally grown out of his constant castings, he is walking on his own with aid of child crutches, but mostly confined to his child wheelchair as his Mom points out.

“Max can walk with help. He has to be holding on to something for sure. he’s been trying to walk on his own like crazy, but can only get a couple of steps with his big braces on. Otherwise he uses a walker or his quad cane.”

Max has also been talking, fully communicating with everyone, like the little chatter box that he is. But the most amazing thing about little Max Logan though, hands down, has to be his undeniable love of life and spirit! Even with everything he has had to endure you “couldn’t even tell it” as Mom, Mindy points out.

So when I first seen pictures of the amazing “Blaze and The Monster Machines” costume that Mindy built for him and that infectiously, enormous, joyful smile on his face, I just had to share it with the world. Blaze and The Monster Machines is a cartoon series on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. and it is about AJ, who is an 8-year-old techie who drives monster-truck Blaze, the top racer in Axle City.

Blaze and The Monster Machines

Max’s Mom, Mindy has created this super creative costume for him using just the basic of household items. What looks like a highly crafted and sophisticated costume, is simply just made from a big box, some paper plates and lots of paint. BOOM, we have a home-crafted Blaze and the Monster Machines driven by Max Logan and that huge adorable smile of his. Here are some photos and videos for all our fans around the world to enjoy as well. One day before Halloween and Max is all ready to blaze up and down the streets for some deliciously delightful candy, and to show-off those HOT wheels of his! Happy Halloween everybody and keep the spirit of youthful joy alive this year, just like Max!

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 [wpvideo VFs9LQYe]

If you would like to learn more about and help support Max Logan with his lifelong battle with AMC with updates LIKE the Max Facebook support page.  I also highly encourage you please donate to Max Logan’s Official Funding PageAny bit will help in the long fight to keep up with Max’s care as he continues to grow out of his much-needed medical supports. Max Logan has shown he has an amazing spirit for life and he absolutely deserves the best. Keep up the fight Max, you are such a huge inspiration of life!


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What is Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita?

Arthrogryposis, or arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), as mentioned previously, is a generic term used to describe the presence of multiple congenital contractures. The word arthrogryposis, arthro, joint, gryp, curved, literally means curved joint (implying that it is fixed or stuck in the curved position). Thus, arthrogryposis multiplex congenita means curved (fixed) joints in many (multiple) areas of the body, which are present at birth (congenita).

A contracture is the limitation of movement of a specific joint, in other words, a joint that does not have a full range of movement. The contractures in most forms of arthrogryposis are usually nonprogressive and involve more than one body area. The word congenital simply means that the contractures are present at birth; that is, they have occurred or been produced before birth. For the purposes of this book, arthrogryposis is defined as congenital nonprogressive limitation of movement of two or more joints in different body areas. Occasionally, there are conditions in which contractures are progressive. (Source: Arthrogryposis: A Text Atlas)


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