It looks like Morbius, the Living Vampire may be Joining Spidey and Venom in the Sony Universe

Sony seems desperate to hold onto any of the Marvel characters they can. They already have Spider-Man who seems to do okay, so they are expanding on that aspect of their own Universe. Earlier in the year they announced a Venom movie which would be part of Spider-Man’s Universe (but NOT MCU).

Now, they have expended that universe by bringing in Morbius, the Living Vampire.

A script written by Burk Sharpless (Gods of Egypt, Last Witchunter, Power Rangers) and Matt Sazama (Gods of Egypt, Last Witchunter, Power Rangers), has been submitted to the studio.  Venom was is slated to be released October 5, 2018, so we can only assume that Morbius would be  after that.

Morbius originally appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101.  Dr. Michael Morbius is scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and when he attempted to cure himself it went wrong. He found that he now had a form of vampirism. For a long time he was an enemy of Spider-Man, but over the years he has become a little less villainous and frequently fights on the side of good. At this point we have no idea where Sony will take him.