More Adult Coloring Book Comic Books Coming From Marvel

A recent trend gaining popularity is the creation of adult coloring books put out by comic book companies. DC Comics and Marvel have been leading the charge, but due to overwhelming success and interest in this new craze, Marvel has announced three new releases in their “Color Your Own” line.

The Adult Coloring Book market has become a pop-culture phenomenon,” says David Gabriel, SVP Sales and Marketing, Marvel. “With Marvel’s first wave of Adult Coloring books, fans added their own personal style to classic Marvel stories. And now, with our latest editions coming this year, fans will be able to bring their personal artistic style to some of Marvel’s most recent and epic events.

Take a look below at the three new releases coming this fall. Will any be on your pull list?


Marvel’s Color Your Own “Women of Power is a 120-page powerhouse filled with the top heroines from Marvel’s titles. She-Hulk, Medusa, Dazzler, Wasp, and so many more will now be available for you to add your artisitc flair to them. On sale September 2016 ($9.99)


Marvel’s Color Your Own “Star Wars release will feature all of the classic characters: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Darth Vader, and many more! Use the Force on these sketches to bring the cast to life! Scheduled to be released October 2016.


Marvel’s Color Your Own “Doctor Strange gives fans the chance to colorize the mystic artistry involved in Stephen Strange’s books. A great choice for those who want to showcase their colorful range. Scheduled to be released October 2016.

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