My Lugs – Fashionable Childrens Hearing Accessories

lugs 7Kids are cruel. They will taunt other kids for absolutely anything; from clothing to hairstyles, nothing is safe from the taunting of classmates. Those children with disabilities are frequently subjected to even more teasing which is why one U.K. mother decided to up her game when it came to children’s hearing devices.lugs 3

Sarah Ivermee’s own son has hearing issues which require cochlear implants and hearing devices so when Sarah heard about a friend’s daughter that didn’t like wearing her hearing aid to school it struck home. Sarah offered a solution – to cover the device with nail stickers of superheroes and Disney characters. The stickers turned the hearing device from an ugly clunky device into a fashion statement.lugs 2

Eventually Sarah upgraded from nail stickers to crafting hearing device modifiers herself and created My Lugs. A store that is dedicated to providing customization for children’s hearing devices.lugs 8

They provide vinyl stickers and charms for several makes and models of cochlear implants and hearing devices in everything from floral prints to superheroes and video game characters.lugs 1

I think I know a few adults who might want in on this action.

lugs 4 lugs 6Visit My Lugs to check out their great selection.

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