Nike Unveils Its New Self-Lacing Sneaker Among Other New Innovations

Nike, at a media event in New York yesterday, unveiled their new self-lacing sneaker. This state-of-the-art shoe will allow its user to make it looser or more snug simply by pressing buttons located on the side of the sneaker.

The self-lacing sneaker will have three color options. Pricing on the shoes has yet to be revealed.

The “Nike HyperAdapt 1.0” will be available during the holiday season, but as of right now it will only be available for members of its loyalty Nike+ app, an all-access pass for athletes will become available in June of this year. It features connectivity to a slew of apps, including a number of running and training aids, and will also allow the user access to Nike pros.

Mark Parker, Nike’s president and CEO, explained how the concept originated,

We’ve entered a new era of personalized performance. Today, athletes want more than just a dashboard. They want a relationship.

Upon inserting your foot into the sneaker, a sensor, located at the heel, becomes activated. The user can then press one of two buttons on the inside of the shoe to make necessary adjustments. This is only the beginning according to Nike. The next evolution will see the manual component of making adjustments be a thing of the past. The next wave, no date determined, will have the sensor recognize when the shoe needs to either be looser or tighter.

The adaptive lacing system is an excellent first step towards truly adaptive personalized footwear,” said Matt Powell, sports industry analyst at NPD Group Inc., a market research firm.

Other innovations Nike highlighted yesterday include “anti-clog traction,” which utilizes technology to prevents mud from sticking to the soles of soccer cleats.

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